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Established for over a decade, Agile Engineering has honed its expertise in commissioning engineering, building services, and acoustics throughout New Zealand. As an established engineering company Christchurch-wide, our services extend beyond the city, catering to other major urban centres across the country. Our experience and reach enable us to provide tailored solutions meeting diverse engineering and consultation needs across various regions in New Zealand.

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From Riccarton to Ferrymead, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services for a variety of industries and building needs. Since many suburbs of Christchurch have required substantial transformations in the past years, and with plenty more to update, we consider Christchurch to be a booming city of possibilities when it comes to engineering solutions and reimaginings.

Check out a couple of our latest engineering projects in Christchurch.

sovereigh christchurch

Following the earthquake in Christchurch, Sovereign was housed in a makeshift store in Riccarton. One of the new buildings on the Terrace with the Avon River as its backdrop turned out to be the ideal location for this chance. The recently constructed three-story timber building featured a stunning design, a high raked ceiling, and a west-facing terrace.

three trees learning centre, christchurch

In Early 2019, we completed this beautiful 500sqm early childcare centre in Rolleston, Christchurch. With geometric lines and organic curves in its design, it is a great addition to the area and its overall aesthetic.

Elevating Christchurch's Landscapes Through Innovative Engineering

From the thriving neighbourhoods of Riccarton to the picturesque vistas of Ferrymead, our team at Agile Engineering is dedicated to providing an extensive array of engineering services tailored to diverse industries and the varied building needs across Christchurch. Our commitment to this vibrant city stems from our belief in the potential for transformative solutions, especially in the wake of the substantial changes that many Christchurch suburbs have witnessed in recent years.

A City of Dynamic Transformation

Christchurch, a city that has undergone substantial revitalisation and reconstruction, remains a nucleus of growth and change. Many of its suburbs have demanded comprehensive transformations, and we’ve had the privilege of contributing our expertise to these impactful developments. The resilience and spirit of Christchurch have paved the way for continual reimaginings and redevelopments, making it a flourishing hub of possibilities for pioneering engineering solutions that we can assist you with.

Some of Our Engineering Services:

Structural Engineering

Whether it’s reinforcing existing structures or designing new foundations, our team excels in providing robust and reliable structural engineering solutions.

Civil Engineering

From road networks to drainage systems, we engineer solutions that ensure the city’s infrastructure is built for sustainability and growth.

Environmental Engineering

Committed to eco-friendly solutions, we integrate environmental engineering practices into our projects, aiming for a greener, more sustainable Christchurch.

Innovative Design Solutions

We specialise in innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs that harmonise functionality and beauty in every project.

Our Approach

As a relatively new engineering company, Christchurch-situated, we take pride in our client-centered approach. We understand the unique needs and aspirations of each project and seek to gain even more of a positive reputation for our high-quality services across the region. Our process involves meticulous planning, innovative problem-solving, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver bespoke engineering solutions.

Join the Journey

Be part of Christchurch’s metamorphosis. Our dedication to innovation, paired with our passion for engineering excellence, drives us to be an integral part of the city’s continued evolution. Join us on this journey towards redefining Christchurch’s landscapes and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.

Let's Collaborate

Whether it's a commercial endeavour, a community project, or an individual dream, we're here to turn visions into reality. Reach out to our engineering consultants Christchurch-wide today.

Christchurch. A Tour de Force of Engineering Excellence.

Celebrating the beauty of innovative modern engineering right here in New Zealand.

Our team has taken a lot of inspiration and grown a passion for architectural development and innovation following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 in Christchurch. While many new architectural feats are still emerging, a few structures stand out for their engineering brilliance and design, and we hope to work with you to add to the growing list of engineering landmarks. Some of the notable engineering buildings in Christchurch that must be noted include:

Christchurch Town Hall*

A celebrated landmark, the Christchurch Town Hall, originally designed by Sir Miles Warren and Maurice Mahoney, has undergone extensive renovations. The building, known for its exceptional acoustics and modernist architectural design, remains a testament to outstanding engineering and architectural prowess.

* Image downloaded from Christchurch City Council

Cardboard Cathedral (Transitional Cathedral)*

Designed by Shigeru Ban, this temporary structure is an architectural marvel. Its innovative use of cardboard tubes as a primary building material makes it an engineering wonder and a symbol of resilience after the earthquakes.

* Image downloaded from New Zealand Story

The Memorial Wall at the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial*

This memorial wall is a poignant and engineering marvel in itself, featuring a strong, symbolic design to commemorate those who lost their lives in the earthquakes. The structure’s design and construction reflect resilience and remembrance.

* Image downloaded from Christchurch City Council

Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre*

This modern convention centre is a marvel in terms of its design and construction. The building showcases advanced engineering techniques to create a world-class venue for events and conferences.

* Image downloaded from

These buildings, among others, showcase not only architectural brilliance but also engineering innovation, resilience, and the commitment to rebuild a city in the face of significant challenges. Each structure reflects the evolving landscape of Christchurch and the dedication to creating innovative, safe, and visually striking architectural landmarks.

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