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Agile Engineering has amassed a decade-long reputation in New Zealand for its proficiency in building services, acoustics, and commissioning engineering. Being a well-known engineering company Wellington-wide, we also serve other significant cities throughout the nation. Because of our knowledge and accessibility, we are able to offer customised solutions that address a wide range of engineering and consulting demands in different parts of New Zealand.

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From Upper Hutt to Seatoun, we provide a vast range of engineering services for a variety of industries and building needs across Wellington. Wellington remains the heart of New Zealand, and the engineering potential of buildings across the region is exciting and comes with its own set of challenges we engineer modern solutions for.

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Take a look at some of our latest engineering projects in Wellington.


Newhaven Way (off Discovery Drive), Whitby, Wellington

Our team assisted with the upscaling of the Whitby Retirement Village by adding a new lift and egress stairs to the Common Amenities building’s existing ground floor;

a new café/bar; the construction of 20 two-story apartments over the footprint of the current Common Amenities building.

Beside the current building block, we also built a new three-story structure with fifteen updated flats.


133 Molesworth St, Thorndon, Wellington

This 16,500 sqm project was started to combine the Ministry’s five Wellington buildings into one new location due to a change in the government’s property strategy. The process was intricate and involved building a temporary 10-story pilot site for 600 employees. This made it possible to install high-level disaster recovery components, such as base isolators and generator facilities, into one of their existing buildings, doubling its size. Every department within the company was impacted, changing from a high-paper, low-tech workplace to one that is high-tech, low-paper, and very collaborative.


19-23 Taranaki St, Te Aro, Wellington

With 700 employees at this Wellington location, Xero’s requirement was to design an environment that could handle their rapid change, unify three separate office locations, and, most importantly, “be beautiful” in every manner.

The rich and cosy workplace has a wide range of work environments across 8,500 square metres of floor space, including dedicated work booths and private phone rooms, different training and huddle rooms, and open, collaborative spaces;

The building’s five storeys were connected by a central staircase that was situated next to the café areas on each floor. The staircase is made of century-old recovered wood that was saved during the building’s renovation.

Elevating Wellington’s Landscapes Through Innovative Engineering

From the bustling neighbourhoods of Lower Hutt to the breathtaking ocean vistas of Seatoun, Agile Engineering stands as a reliable engineering company Wellington-wide that is committed to delivering a comprehensive spectrum of engineering services meticulously designed to cater to diverse industries and a wide range of building needs. Our dedication to the capital city is firmly rooted in our unwavering belief in the power of transformative solutions and our mission to craft sustainable architecture that endures the test of time.

A Capital City of Dynamic Progress

Wellington, a city pulsating with energy and innovation, embodies a tapestry of continual evolution and progression. Its vibrant neighbourhoods and stunning coastal areas have witnessed substantial changes, paving the way for ongoing advancements and reimaginings. This dynamic city encapsulates a mosaic of opportunities for pioneering engineering solutions that redefine the urban landscape and elevate the infrastructure to new heights with a focus on functionality, sustainability, and beauty.

Some of Our Diverse Engineering Services:

Structural Engineering Excellence

Agile Engineering prides itself on fortifying existing structures and crafting new foundations that blend resilience with architectural finesse.

Civil Engineering Innovations

From optimising transportation networks to fostering sustainable urban development, our engineering solutions are aimed at enhancing Wellington’s civic infrastructure.

Environmental Engineering Initiatives

With a deep commitment to eco-conscious practices, we seamlessly integrate environmental engineering into our projects, striving for a greener, more sustainable Wellington.

Innovative Design Solutions

Our expertise lies in creating captivating designs that seamlessly merge functionality with artistic elegance, reflecting Wellington’s unique spirit in every project.

Our Individual Approach

At Agile Engineering, we champion a client-centric ethos. We recognise and honour the distinctive needs and aspirations of each project. Our meticulous process involves collaborative planning, inventive problem-solving, and an unyielding dedication to delivering bespoke engineering solutions that redefine Wellington’s urban fabric and infrastructure.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Irrespective of whether it's a commercial endeavour, a community-driven initiative, or an individual dream, Agile Engineering is here to bring your architectural aspirations to life as your trusted engineering consultants Wellington-wide. Connect with us today and embark on a collaborative process of innovative and sustainable progress.