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Expert Fire Engineering Consultants in NZ

Fire engineering consultants are essential for providing safe and efficient fire safety designs in buildings. Our team provides expertise in managing fire risk and designing fire safety systems.

We do this by analyzing building plans for potential risks and evaluating current or future building projects to confirm that they are up to fire safety codes. Our fire engineering advisory team are also responsible for designing and installing fire protection systems, such as sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, and emergency lighting. 

Our main aim is to ensure the safety of both buildings and their occupants by protecting them from fire hazards.

We provide fire engineering consulting services in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch:

Gas suppression systems
Technical Due Diligence review
Pre-purchase inspections
Dilapidation reviews
Long term maintenance plans
CAPEX and OPEX budget plans
Review of Building Services defects related to “leaky” remediation projects
Assessment of 3rd party maintenance, upgrade, and replacement proposal
Expert witness role
Sprinkler systems
Fire detection and early warning systems
Fire hydrant systems
Pre-action sprinkler systems
Multi-aspirated smoke detection systems
Lease specifications, schedules and negotiations

Why is it important to use professional fire engineering consultants in NZ?

Protect your team,
your assets and your buildings.

Fire safety is one of the most important considerations when it comes to building safety. Ensuring that a building is compliant with fire safety standards is essential to keeping the occupants of the building safe should a fire occur. Fire safety regulations cover things like fire extinguishers, emergency lights, fire escape routes, and even fire sprinkler systems and all of the above and more can be assessed and optimised by our expert team of engineers.

Reduce your insurance costs with proper fire engineering solutions.

Adhering to these standards is key to keeping people safe. Proper compliance with these standards can also help bring down insurance costs, as fire safety compliance is a requirement for many insurance policies. Ultimately, ensuring your building conforms to fire safety can help save lives, and it’s just a bonus that your insurance is strengthened by using the best people for the job that needed.

Assess, review and maintain your fire standards.

We offer comprehensive long-term maintenance plans and advisory services to assist with your fire safety which include dilapidation reviews, technical due diligence reviews and assessments of third-party involved in your property maintenance or builds. We ensure that at all times, your building, its contents and its people are protected by the highest standards of fire safety even after changes are made to the building or circumstances change.

Talk to our award-winning team today.

Give yourself peace of mind and your facility the protection it needs with the help of our expert advisory and fire safety team. Fire safety should never be delayed, for in some cases, it may be too late.