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Hydraulic Engineering Consultants NZ

Our experienced team of hydraulic engineering consultants are responsible for finding and developing solutions to meet the complex challenges posed by the ever-changing uses and environmental demands of water and gas systems.

From sanitary sewers to compressed air systems, we help your facility make the most of the available resources and remain compliant with all safety and hygiene regulations.

We provide hydraulic engineering consulting services in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch:

Trade waste systems
Sanitary sewer system
Stormwater drainage
Sub-soil drainage
Gas systems
Compressed air systems
Water supplies, re-use, storage and reticulation

Why do I need hydraulic engineering consultants in NZ?

Professional hydraulic engineers are experts in the field of fluid dynamics, hydrology, and geotechnical engineering – all of which are essential in the planning, implementation, and management of water resources nationwide. We use specialised technologies and mathematical modelling to evaluate and ensure that, no matter the conditions, water resources will remain effective and efficient and actively prevent flooding.

Our team helps you to determine how to use these resources to their fullest potential.

Manage, collect, store and distribute water

Essential as part of projects involving residential usage, crop irrigation, industry and recreation, hydraulic engineering leaves nothing to chance and lets your operations run smoothly where water is concerned. Proper drainage is more important than ever, and with careful engineering, stormwater and rising rainfall levels can be combatted with new and improved safeguards in place. 

Flood control and shoreline

With the ever-rising waters and the change in the behaviour of our weather, it’s more important than ever to future-proof your environment against flash flooding and the increase in seasonal rainfall. Our team can also assist in projects involving water-quality management, hydropower generation, and other environmental applications to help make an unpredictable and powerful resource more reliable and sustainable.

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Harness the power of water efficiently, sustainably and safely with the help of our hydraulic engineering consultants.