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Lighting Engineering Consultants NZ

When you need premium lighting for a wide range of environments, you need lighting engineers who understand how lighting can significantly improve the atmosphere and ambience of any workspace or environment.

Our Lighting Engineer Consultants can provide businesses and venues with unique advantages when it comes to designing, planning and installing proper lighting systems. With access to the latest technology, our team can help provide cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting solutions for many uses. Their experience in light calculations, designing lighting systems, and light quality optimisation creates the right feel and functionality for any indoor or outdoor venue.

We provide lighting engineering consulting services in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch:

Daylight modelling
Sports lighting
Lighting controls strategy
Design bespoke luminaires
Specialist lighting design
Designing to Greenstar, LEED and WELL standards
Lighting schemes for the public realm to meet CPTED principles and environmental implications.

Why do I need lighting engineering consultants in NZ?

The right kind of lighting can set the mood, optimise sightlines and create the perfect, functional atmosphere for any venue or room. However, if you don't choose the appropriate lighting, it can make a room or venue feel unbalanced or cause eye strain for those who spend regular amounts there. Bad lighting can also affect people's ability to move around the space and focus on activities, leading to an unpleasant experience and reduced engagement. Lighting engineer consultants properly assess the architecture of the room or venue in question and design lighting that reaches exactly where you need to, in the right hues and brightness levels, while ensuring an ergonomic working environment.

Never miss a moment of the action.

Lighting outdoors, particularly for night-time sports games, can take some careful planning so that both the players and the spectators can get a clear view of the game space without being out of balance. Considerations have to be taken into account around residential areas when using large field lights and flood lights, optimising sight without being obtrusive to the surrounding environment. Talk to our team about how we can light up your indoor or outdoor sports venue.

Maintaining high standards for your health, wellness, and the environment is important to us.

When designing your lighting, we adhere strictly to Greenstar, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED®) and WELL Building Standard™ (WELL™) levels of construction, which is a higher level of construction and outfitting of a building to meet healthier, more sustainable ways to build and exist within built spaces. 

These certifications set organisations apart that want to follow more environmentally friendly and safer practises, not just in the building process itself but also for how those buildings positively impact the people who will work, live and occupy the spaces for the lifetime of that building. This means creating ergonomic spaces with sustainable materials that will be enjoyable to inhabit and visit.

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