Maori Television Offices and Studios


Maori Television


433 East Tamaki Rd, Auckland

Completion Date

October 2016


  • N+1 backup for Computer Apparatus Room
  • Electrical Services
  • Specialist Lighting
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Base building upgrades of central services plant

Project Description

  • Coming from a relatively ‘old fashioned’ work space, Maori TV wanted to create a fun and stimulating modern office facility for their staff with a combination of Maori culture and contemporary design being integrated with the lighting;
  • The client brief which was further developed by the project team included:
    • Be a space that the Maori TV staff and visitors wanted to visit that was visually enticing and interesting with technically excellent visual conditions;
    • Lighting selection was to match the ‘mood’ of the respective spaces;
    • Lighting was to be suitable in aesthetic, not flashy or over powering;
    • Incorporate suitable Maori cultural concepts wherever practical;
    • Incorporate Maori where possible e.g. three baskets of knowledge;
    • Incorporate suitable Maori TV branding images into luminaires wherever practical;
    • Minimize on-going running and maintenance costs;
  • Fitout consisted of open plan offices, studios, controls rooms, phone booths, computer apparatus room and staff breakout spaces on each floor;
  • Floor area: 4,500 sqm fitout;